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The domain is property of the company Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L., with CIFB-12954442, which has its registered office in C/ Obispo Salinas, 87, 2º D, in Castellón de la Plana (Castellón), registered in the Castellón de la Plana Commercial Registry, in volume 1679, sheet 193, entry 1, of page CS-37846, which you can contact by e-mail at It means that all the content that appears in the websites of which Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. is the owner, are of its property or of third persons. 

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It is TOTALLY FORBIDDEN for the users of the website to MODIFY its contents in order to proceed to its use, stating its origin, which could damage the corporate image of Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L., as well as to carry out any other activity that could infringe the property or image rights of its owner, except those explicitly referred to in the previous paragraph.

3.- Conditions of use of the website:

This website offers information about the breeding, growth and exploitation of the pig, as well as about the elaboration of food products, many of which are also derived from the pig, such as Iberian ham, Iberian shoulder, chorizo, salchichón and Iberian morcón, among others.

The administrator of, watches over the updating and veracity of the information that appears on this site, trying to correct any errors that are perceived or pointed out to him, putting the necessary means at his disposal to achieve this, although some data or information contained in these pages may have been created or structured in files or formats that are not free from errors, which is why we cannot guarantee that the service will not be interrupted or affected in any other way.

It is strictly forbidden for any user to make improper use of this website, as well as the intentional introduction of viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other technologically harmful or damaging program or material into the website. Likewise, unauthorised access to this website, as well as to the servers, computers and databases in which it is hosted or with which it may have any kind of relationship, and in short, any malicious act that may be carried out on the website or its users or buyers, is prohibited.

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The user is obliged to check that the address that appears in the address bar of their browser is, or an extension of it, in order to verify that they are not in front of a plagiarised website and thus avoid being the object of fraud through the procedure of phishing.

Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. will never ask the users of its web pages for any kind of password or personal data by means of an e-mail sent to that effect, or by means of a telephone call, since only the data necessary to formalise the purchase will be requested during the process of execution of the same, through the corresponding forms, which will be filled in at the time and not through subsequent communications once the process has been completed.

The owner has no control over and therefore declines all responsibility for links to external pages that appear on this website.

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4.- Copyright:

All the information that appears on this website (texts, images, logos, audio, video, animations, databases, software and other sound and graphic elements of the website), are the property of the company Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. and third parties. And it is protected by the laws that guarantee the rights of intellectual property or of author, commonly known as copyright, so that any use of the content that appears here, without previous express authorization of its owner and outside the terms previously established, would entail a series of responsibilities in accordance with the legal order in force, by those persons who made use of them. This will not prevent the buyer from copying the information concerning the orders he places, or the contact details from the website.

In the event that any of the users of the websites owned by Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L., make an improper use of the contents that appear here, the company would be obliged to go to the Spanish courts to claim the author's rights as well as those compensations that according to the Spanish legal system could correspond to it for the illegitimate use of these contents.

In this sense, we would like to point out that Spanish legislation allows the adoption of a series of defence mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property rights, among which are the possibility of taking administrative action, civil action, or even criminal action, since this is a crime in our current legal system.