Privacy Policy:

The use of this website implies the acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained in it (General Conditions of Use and Purchase, Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Return Guarantee).

1.- Protection of personal data:

In Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. we are very committed to respecting the privacy of the user and for that reason our policy of protection of people, with respect to the treatment of their personal data, complies with all the legal precepts established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), its development regulations in the RD 1720/2007, and all its subsequent modifications.

2. Processing of electronic data:

The identification data provided by the users of the websites owned by Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. (hereinafter the company) will be treated in a file managed solely and exclusively by the company itself, which will be duly registered with the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Personal Data, and whose purposes will be as follows:

  1. The sending of information expressly requested by the user of the website in order to resolve any doubts he or she may have.
  2. The development of the contract of sale of the acquired products.
  3. The execution of any procedures necessary to carry out the delivery of the products acquired, with total security that these are delivered to the legitimate buyer, including the transfer of this data or those required for this purpose, both by the manufacturers of the products acquired, who will prepare the package, and by the transport companies that participate in the transfer of the same to the address designated by the customer.
  4. To provide information to the user, which could be of interest, about those products that are commercialised through Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. This may include communications by e-mail, as well as through any other means of communication. The user will be able to change his preferences in relation to the sending of such communications by contacting the company through the mail
  5. The personal data that the user provides in relation to third parties (sending of gifts), will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy, exactly as if it were the data of the actual purchaser, being the user who provides the same, the responsible for having informed and obtained the consent of its owner to transfer this data to Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L.
  6. When the payment of the purchase is made through a payment card (credit/debit), the buyer authorizes the treatment of the necessary data for its activation and development. The CVV, will never be stored or treated by the company as part of its payment cards, and will only be used to make the purchase that is in progress as a means of verification through the payment gateway, which operates in encrypted mode in compliance with international confidentiality and security requirements. This consent will allow the auto-completion of the payment data in successive purchases, so that you only have to validate the purchase with the corresponding security code, without the need to fill in again the data of the card and its holder. You can modify your payment cards and renew the previous consent whenever you wish, through "My Account", where the payment data are managed.

At no time and under no circumstances will the data provided by the users be given, transferred or sold to third parties, unrelated to the interests of the company or its commercial transactions. These data will be managed solely and exclusively by the company itself or those others that belong to the same business group, as well as by those other companies that participate in the process of selling, packaging or transporting the different orders, or that at the request of Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L, carry out the claim of debts or the management of public, semi-public or private archives with lists of arrears.

In any case, it is understood that the user of this website gives his consent to the automated treatment of the data provided in accordance with the LOPD, which does not differ from the fact that at any time he can exercise his rights of access, rectification and cancellation of all or part of the data that appears in our file, by contacting Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. either personally or through his legal representative (duly accredited).

The data transferred by Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. to other companies of the same business group, as well as to the companies that participate in the processes of sale, packaging or transport of the different orders, or to the companies that at the request of the company, carry out the claim of debts or the management of files with lists of arrears, will be treated in accordance with their own privacy policies, exonerating the user of this website to Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. of the improper use that these could make of their data.

The user who wishes to clarify some aspect related to the privacy policy of the company, as well as to exercise his right of access, rectification and cancellation will be able to request it through the e-mail, attaching a photocopy of his National Identity Document, Passport, or any other valid document (official document) to prove his identity.

The user declares that all personal data provided to Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L., both its own and that of third parties (in this case with their consent), is absolutely true and undertakes to inform the company of any change or modification of the same.

The user who provides incomplete, inaccurate, false or erroneous data, in a way that may cause some damage or harm, however slight, to the website, to the people who manage it, to himself or to third parties, will be personally and directly responsible.

Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. will collaborate with the Spanish Authorities in the pursuit of any activity contrary to the legal order, so that the data provided by the user, may be provided to the Judicial or Governmental Authority when these require them to be supplied.

3.- Communications with the user/buyer:

The current legislation requires that part of the communications sent to you are in writing, although, for contractual purposes, you accept that Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L. carries out the majority of these communications by means of e-mail, as well as by posting notices on this website, consenting to the use of these forms of communication, and recognising that all contracts, notifications, information and other communications sent to you electronically comply with the legal requirements of being in writing. This will not in any way affect the rights conferred on you by current legislation.

You may send us any consultation or communication through our contact form, or by e-mail to or by sending a letter to Distribuciones Gastronómicas IberSPAIN S.L., calle Obispo Salinas, 87, 2º D, Castellón de la Plana, 12003 - Castellón (Spain).

4.- User and iberSPAIN publications:

You may provide or publish your personal opinions, as well as photographs or videos on this website. These publications or information must strictly comply with current legislation in its broadest sense, and the user must respond personally and directly when these are offensive or contrary to the legal system.

The user authorises iberSPAIN to freely use, transfer or sell the content referred to in the previous paragraph, for which it DECLARES that such content is not the property of any natural or legal person and is free of copyright, for which it will also respond personally and directly if it is not.

Likewise, the user guarantees that the personal data (email, data associated with the account, etc.) provided in order to carry out these communications or publications, are his property and he has full control over them.

The company may modify and/or eliminate any content published or provided by the user, and there is no obligation on its part to carry out such modification or elimination.

5.- Anonymous navigation through the pages of the website / use of Cookies.

By using this website you consent to the use of cookies used on the website.

Cookies are information that this website sends to your PC, to be stored in your browser, with the aim of making navigation more friendly and simple for you.

For example: when you create a user account on a website, you will have a user name and password, which you will have to enter each time you leave this site and want to return to it.

One of the purposes of the cookies is to send the information with your user name and password to your computer's browser, where it will be stored, so that when you return to that same site, the website will check your previous navigation and will find that cookie, which contains your user name and password, so that you do not have to enter them again each time you want to access your user account.

In short, we can define cookies as an aid to the Internet user, which will make browsing a simpler experience, by making it more user-friendly and without causing any damage to your computer.

Our cookies do not store any personal data, such as addresses, payment card details or other equally sensitive data, so they do not pose any risk to you or your computer.

The cookies collected by the company are also used not only to improve the experience of the Internet user, to collect information of interest and to be able to adapt our website to the preferences of our users, but also, once prior informed consent has been obtained, to use the cookies or other similar data, to show you products that may be of interest to you, according to your browsing habits.

Users may avoid the use of cookies on this site whenever they wish by disabling the use of cookies in their browsers and deleting those that may have already been saved. However, this will result in your navigation of the website not being as friendly and simple as if you had authorised the use of cookies.

You have the full right to restrict, block or delete cookies from this site at any time, through your browser settings.